Case Study—Interview Prep for Utah-based Engineering Firm

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A Utah-based, nationally-recognized engineering firm was in a slump. They were able to become shortlisted for projects but were not winning in the interview phase. Part of the problem was everyone was located in different offices around the country, making it difficult to coordinate team members. MARKETLINK provided an outside perspective, ideas, and suggestions that created chemistry among the team members in a very short time frame. Team-building strategies were put into place so that this new team would impress the selection committee.


Link to Success: Project Win! MARKETLINK brought a fresh perspective and years of industry experience to the presentation preparation process, providing guidance to the project manager on the best methods for organizing, practicing, and running an interview. We looked at the presentation with a fresh set of eyes and gave suggestions to the team members that only an outside person can give. The client team was receptive to the critiques and suggestions and having a marketing professional guide them alleviated pressure from the project manager.


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