Case Study—Utah Architectural Firm Shortlisted Presentations

 Arch Firm Shortlisted Presentations Block  



A Utah-based Architectural firm had a very high shortlist rate, but was not converting to project contracts. Lacking readily available presentation templates and untrained in the formal presentation process required by the DFCM/State of Utah agency, they looked to MARKETLINK for help.

The MARKETLINK team directed the firm's principal to strategize the proposal content by including the presentation as part of the entire project pursuit. Beginning with presentation preparation, MARKETLINK provided strategic direction for the firm to investigate project-specific risks and mitigation efforts, incorporating these into their proposal and presentation strategies. MARKETLINK also created new templates for both their proposals and presentations, giving them a fresh starting point.


MARKETLINK's expertise helped the client immediately shortlist and get awarded their current project. Additionally, MARKETLINK's assistance during the holiday season allowed the client to manage their marketing workload, allowing them to maintain their work and focus despite holiday conflicts. The firm appreciated the added resource and expertise of the MARKETLINK team.

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