Case Study—BD and Client Relations Training for Regional Structural Engineering

 AEC Training and Coaching Consulting Block  


A regional structural engineering firm needed greater employee foundations for business development and client relations, so they asked for MARKETLINK to help. The firm experienced rapid growth over the last three years, supporting more hires and promotions. MARKETLINK stepped in to provide marketing and business development training and coaching for all new employees, creating a foundation for future as well as present ability.

MARKETLINK created and conducted surveys and interviews with staff members to inform our approach. With a full understanding of individual needs in mind, we worked closely with the firm's management to establish a series of training sessions that encompassed the needs of the staff members. In total, we created a series of six customized training sessions focused on client service, business development, networking, proposal writing, public speaking, and client relations.


Our work provided the firm with individualized business development plans for their top tier existing and potential clients. With their trained staff, each measurable goal will be more achievable by the market sector/client teams we helped the firm organize.

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