Case Study—Public Relations for Architecture Firm

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MARKETLINK has worked with an architectural firm for several years to help organize its marketing program. Establishing a proactive public relations program was the final task of the five-year strategic plan. MARKETLINK created a simple public relations plan as a working document, with the goal of enhancing the program over time. We recommended that the firm use various public relations platforms such as social media, website updates, blog articles, and direct mail campaigns to enhance firm’s image and brand recognition. We recommended an internal public relations committee, consisting of interested team members, meet monthly to strategize, plan, brainstorm ideas and create content. From this feedback and input, MARKETLINK created a proactive public relations plan including content and graphic creation as well as the implementation of publishing the content through appropriate channels.



Through MARKETLINK’S existing relationships with editors of AEC industry publications and by crafting newsworthy and targeted content, the architectural firm has been featured several times a year in an industry-exclusive magazine. Clients and team members have noticed the articles and acknowledged the expertise mentioned in the publication. The consistent, targeted content created by MARKETLINK’s team for all areas of public relations has been linked directly to increased website traffic.


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