Case Study—Proposals for Utah County Architectural Firm

AEC Proposals Utah County Architect 400x400  


A Utah County-based architectural firm did not have the marketing manpower to put together a strategic proposal for a new client and project type. A competitor had already been pursuing the project and client, so a thoughtful go/no go decision and proposal content critical. After meeting with MARKETLINK and strategizing, the firm was able to meet the client and tour the project site with specific objectives in mind prior to of the RFP. During the strategic planning, MARKETLINK helped the firm outline significant and applicable questions to ask while meeting with the owner. This led to a strong proposal that addressed the client’s key issues and of a specific project approach. Additionally, MARKETLINK created a themed proposal template for the proposal that could easily be modified for future pursuits.


LINK TO SUCCESS: MARKETLINK’s client WON the proposal by putting in a calculated effort prior to the RFP, stealing the project from the firm that performed preliminary work. The proposal was clearly focused on the client’s needs and issues, in both content and graphics. By winning this project, the firm gained a new client and added a new project type to its portfolio.

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