Case Study: Proposal Processes for a Utah Architecture Firm

 AEC Proposal Strategy and Development 2024  


Faced with looming proposal deadlines and significant vacancies in their marketing team, a local Utah architecture firm enlisted MARKETLINK as their Fractional CMO. The primary goal was to manage all marketing activities, with an immediate focus on proposal strategy, production, and design.

The firm was dealing with a backlog of proposals and a disorganized proposal directory, creating a time-sensitive challenge. MARKETLINK initiated the process by holding strategy meetings with various departments, developing new outlines, and interviewing key staff members to create fresh technical sections for the proposals.

Next, MARKETLINK addressed the chaotic proposal directory, which was plagued with broken links, outdated photography, and old templates. By refreshing these elements, MARKETLINK quickly resolved the proposal backlog and turned attention to organizing the firm's overall marketing materials.


MARKETLINK implemented a comprehensive overhaul of the firm's marketing material creation process, updating photography, writing and revising boilerplate information, and designing new proposal templates. This streamlined process significantly reduced the time required to produce proposals, saving the architecture firm both time and money on current and future proposal pursuits.

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