Case Study—Proposal Process Standardization for an Intermountain West Architecture Firm

 AEC proposal process intermountain west architecture firm 400x400  


An Intermountain Region architecture firm has been a long-standing client of MARKETLINK. For years, our team has assisted the client with proposal and interview strategy, design, writing, and production. When a new marketing assistant was hired by the firm, MARKETLINK created a streamlined, efficient proposal process for production and quality control. From a kick-off meeting agenda and printing/production guides to a post-production checklist, the standardized process is a toolkit for AEC marketing and technical staff to prepare and submit a professional proposal response.



With a proven process in place and MARKETLINK guidance, the client’s marketing assistant could immediately step into proposal coordination and support technical staff. By following the checklist, new content is regularly added to a master marketing collateral database. This small yet critical task has reduced the time technical staff had spent finding text they have previously written.


An additional benefit has been that the technical staff now has a better understanding of the entire proposal and pursuit process. This “big picture” perspective has elevated their level of respect for the marketing staff and more accurate perception of the comprehensive process each pursuit entails.


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