Case Study—Marketing Reorganization for Environmental Engineering Firm

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A growing environmental engineering firm recognized the need for additional marketing support. Firm leadership engaged MARKETLINK to help them rethink their approach to staffing, responsibilities, and processes and procedures for its marketing department. MARKETLINK performed an analysis of the Marketing Department’s strengths and weaknesses to help determine priorities and adjustments needed in the department and then developed visual flowcharts recommending how it should function. The charts enabled the marketing department to standardize not only how they work as an integral part of the company, but also regulate work quality. MARKETLINK also conducted a candidate search for needed marketing staff.



By integrating the process with accounting, the marketing team now knows the most current status of projects so that updates to the firm database and collateral happen quickly and efficiently. The data also helps drive website and social media content. Firm leadership and technical staff appreciate that their resumes and project data sheets are seamlessly and regularly updated without requiring their assistance.

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