Case Study—Marketing Organization for Utah Architectural Firm

 AEC Marketing Organization Collateral  

An architectural firm recently acquired an out-of-state company but realized that they had not fully utilized their customer relationship management (CRM) system. They lacked the internal resources and expertise to address this issue. Furthermore, their marketing material database was disorganized and required assistance in restructuring. MARKETLINK collaborated with the firm to refine fields and codes, establish data entry standards, and create a systematic approach to organizing the marketing material database. To ensure effective data gathering, we recommended the formation of a committee that worked alongside the accounting department. Additionally, our team closely collaborated with the marketing staff to develop a data collection system that aligned with defined project milestones.



Through MARKETLINK's support, the company saved a substantial amount of time, amounting to hundreds of hours. Our in-depth knowledge of the software and effective CRM implementation processes played a vital role in achieving this outcome. The completion of the local office marketing material database and the efficient onboarding and data merging of the new office were crucial milestones. The seamless integration of CRM workflows with project management software further enhanced the firm's marketing organization.


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