Case Study—Marketing Organization for a National AE Firm

 MARKETLINK Marketing Organization Marketing Materials Server Structure  


A prominent architecture and engineering firm with offices nationwide faced significant marketing challenges. Lacking a centralized system for their marketing materials, each office recreated collateral independently, leading to an inconsistent brand message and inefficient project pursuits. The need for a cohesive marketing strategy became increasingly evident as the firm struggled to maintain a unified presence across their various locations.


MARKETLINK stepped in to address these issues, beginning with a comprehensive strategic planning session involving representatives from all offices. Through this collaboration, MARKETLINK established an organized system for marketing materials on the firm's server, ensuring easy access and updates. Additionally, standardized physical filing practices and brand-enhancing templates for marketing collateral were created, allowing the firm to present a consistent and professional image in all their communications.


The results were transformative. With streamlined access to well-organized materials, the firm's proposal response time significantly decreased, improving their efficiency in pursuing and securing projects. The categorization of photos and assignment to specific projects or team members ensured quick access and consistent visual representation. Ultimately, these organizational improvements led to substantial time and cost savings, positively impacting the firm's bottom line and positioning them for continued success on a national scale.

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