Case Study—Candidate Search for International Civil Engineering Firm

AEC Candidate Search international civil engineering 400x400  


An international civil engineering firm retained MARKETLINK to conduct a candidate search for a marketing manager. The firm wanted to have this individual placed within a four-week period in order to meet a conference and tradeshow exhibit opportunity deadline, three proposal deadlines and a presentation for a $120M contract. Within a two-week period, MARKETLINK was able to place an individual with A/E/C industry experience. MARKETLINK contacted 47 potential candidates, reviewed 28 resumes from across the country, conducted 14 interviews, short-listed to eight qualified candidates, checked references for the top three candidates and placed the most qualified professional. All this without placing an advertisement and two weeks early!


LINK TO SUCCESS: Within the first month of employment, this new marketing manager was able to complete three proposals and a presentation that were short-listed and eventually awarded to the firm.

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