Case Study—Market Research for Regional MEP Engineering Firm

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A Utah-based mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) firm was considering expanding geographically into Idaho and Arizona. The firm also questioned whether these markets could support the addition of electrical engineering services to their portfolio of services. MARKETLINK was hired to conduct a variety of market sector-focused research surveys for the geographies being considered and contacted over 120 public and private sector owners and clients. This research determined the market would support offices in Arizona and Idaho and that there was benefit in some market sectors for adding electrical services.



MARKETLINK’s data helped firm leadership determine to operate offices in both locations and provide electrical and mechanical services. In addition to uncovering a list of potential electrical firms that could be considered a high priority for teaming and/or buyout, MARKETLINK identified 27 new potential projects in the Arizona market as well as an additional 34 potential clients.


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