Case Study—Custom App Design and Development for Regional Engineering Firm

 AEC Marketlink app design development 400x400  


After engaging MARKETLINK to design a new website, a regional professional engineering and consulting services firm asked them to design a digital app to assist in business development efforts. With offices and job sites in remote locations, team members often struggled using the newly updated website to show portfolio and services content due to a lack of internet availability.


MARKETLINK created a customized digital app that can be used on multiple platforms and synchronizes regularly with any changes to the website. Team members can use website content as the most updated online brochure in real time or download it prior to not having internet access.



Team members in 19 offices across six states can quickly access the most current marketing content for direct marketing efforts. The marketing team can prioritize website updates to ensure content is relevant and fresh. And because new content is continually uploaded to the website, search engines look at the site more frequently, increasing SEO and website traffic.


Because MARKETLINK designed the website, branding was incorporated seamlessly into the app and the firm has one point of contact for both platforms.




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