Case Study—Website for Utah Multi-Discipline Engineering Firm

AEC Website Utah Multi Discipline 400x400  


A Utah-based multi-discipline engineering firm’s existing website was out of date and reflected poorly on their brand and culture. Updates were not consistently implemented, and growth of the firm, including new departments, staff, and projects, was not adequately showcased. MARKETLINK worked with the firm to create a new website highlighting projects, staff, and departments. MARKETLINK’s full-service website design and development team coordinated the website design, content, and all imagery, including photography and drone footage. Additionally, we updated the firm’s brand, including designing custom icons for each of the company’s services. The new site includes a blog, which helps with SEO.


LINK TO SUCCESS:  MARKETLINK’s industry expertise ensured the firm’s new website is built around the user experience; clients and employees can much more easily find what they are looking for. The new website provides a branded representation of the firm, with equal exposure of all their departments, staff, and project types. Projects can be sorted by market sector.

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