Case Study—Project Pursuit for Architecture Firm

 AEC Presentations Arcitectural Firm  


A nationally recognized architecture firm hired MARKETLINK to conduct a candidate search for a marketing director. While the candidate search was in process, MARKETLINK provided general on-call marketing services to oversee firm marketing efforts and advance strategic initiatives. With many projects targeted for pursuit, MARKETLINK assisted in business development strategies, market research, proposal and interview strategy and preparation, and training and coaching for public speaking.

In addition, MARKETLINK helped formalize and structure the firm’s interview preparation process. Focusing on strategy during the presentation and introducing the rehearsal process to the team was crucial to the success of each pursuit.



With MARKETLINK’s assistance, the firm saw an increase in hit rates for local, regional, and national project pursuits. The firm’s leadership team was able to focus their efforts on finding the right candidate without the stress of needing to quickly fill the role to meet the demands of winning new business. The firm took almost an entire year to find the best candidate that is still with the firm.

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