Case Study—Branding and Template Design for Regional Contractor

AEC Branding Regional Contractor 400x400  

MARKETLINK has worked with a thriving regional contractor for many years and helped them with the firm’s first template design. Recently the firm updated their photography assets and proposal sophistication and the COO hired MARKETLINK again to update proposal branding and templates to reflect newfound marketing tactics.


MARKETLINK performed an audit of recent winning proposals from a state agency and developed a list of ideas to implement. We then began the design of a new suite of templates that not only enhanced photography assets, but also supported the new marketing tactics. Incorporating full-bleed photos and landscape orientation, MARKETLINK developed covers, tabs, and inside pages that are easy to use and adaptable.


During the process the contractor created a list of company processes and values that are applied to each project. MARKETLINK helped create infographics that illustrated what the branded experience of work with representatives of the company would provide them and how those values and promises would lead to successful projects and relationships.


Another MARKETLINK client served on a selection committee for a project which the contractor proposed. Unaware of MARKETLINK’S involvement, the architect shared how professional the proposal looked and the ease of reading. He shared how the graphics and content held the committee members’ attention and as a result the group was more than willing to read it more thoroughly. Awarding the project to the contractor was made easy because all the information the selection committee needed was easy to find.

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