Case Study—Proposal Templates for California-based Commissioning Firm

AEC Marketing Collateral California Commissioning Firm 400x400  


A California-based commissioning firm had been using Microsoft Word for proposals until they found themselves submitting more and more prime proposals where layout and graphics were important. Knowing they needed to make the big jump into Adobe InDesign and wanting standard proposal templates that would reflect their image and brand, they retained MARKETLINK to help them develop flexible templates that could be tailored to the needs of each unique client. We created two conceptual proposal templates incorporating the firm’s branded elements and themes. With their feedback, we created a final template series that not only fit their brand but was easy to use and adaptable to fit any proposal requirements. Once completed, we trained the company’s marketing team on how to use the templates and tailor them as needed.

LINK TO SUCCESS: The firm hired a new Marketing Manager after the design project, and they are very pleased with the efficiency of the new templates, which have allowed their team to quickly create custom proposals, saving them time and money.

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