Case Study—Transforming Business Development for a Utah Engineering Firm

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A Utah-based, local engineering firm found itself at a critical juncture. Despite expanding its mid-level management, the firm lacked a structured business development program. During an annual strategic planning facilitation, it became clear that a more proactive approach to business development was imperative for sustainable growth.


The Challenge:

The client was facing significant limitations in their existing business development program, despite an expansion in management. The absence of a structured, proactive plan put both revenue growth and market penetration at risk.


Our Solution:

MARKETLINK engaged in an in-depth discussion with all levels of management, including profit center managers, to understand the unique challenges and opportunities the firm was facing. We helped the client identify and research appropriate market sectors and then went on to form specialized market sector teams. We also outlined revenue goals for these market sectors, aligned with the company's overall objectives.



The client continues to utilize the system we implemented to guide their market efforts. Moreover, the firm successfully expanded into two new market sectors since the initial organization, contributing positively to their bottom line and meeting the needs of an expanded clientele.


Structured Market Sector Teams: MARKETLINK assisted in the formation of focused market sector teams, giving the client a specialized approach towards business development.


Revenue Goal Setting: We established clear, measurable revenue goals for each market sector team, contributing to the firm's overall financial objectives.


Training and Development: MARKETLINK provided specialized training for market sector leaders, equipping them with the tools necessary to achieve and even surpass set goals.


Sustainable Growth: The client experienced tangible growth by successfully penetrating two new market sectors, directly improving their bottom line.


By partnering with MARKETLINK, the client not only organized a more efficient, proactive business development program but also enjoyed measurable growth in both market reach and financial performance.


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