Case Study—Business Development Strategy for a National Engineering Firm

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A national engineering firm faced a critical issue: an absence of a structured, proactive business development program. This gap led to missed opportunities, poor lead tracking, and an inability to anticipate workload effectively.


The Challenge:

The client was struggling with the lack of an organized method to track and follow up on leads. This absence led to a reactive approach to business opportunities, putting revenue growth and efficient resource allocation at risk.


Our Solution:

To tackle these challenges, we facilitated a comprehensive Business Development (BD) strategy meeting with the client's discipline leaders. We organized market sector teams and developed an agenda that covered immediate, short-term, and long-term opportunities. The result was a more structured, actionable business development plan.


We introduced "12-Contact Plans" to each of the client's market sector teams. These plans enabled a proactive approach to targeting top priority leads while setting measurable goals for accountability.



Working with us led to immediate and long-term benefits for the client:


Enhanced Tracking: The client was now able to track leads and revenue goals more efficiently and accurately.


Strategic Planning: The consistent meetings and planning sessions provided a strategic roadmap, transforming a previously reactive approach into a proactive strategy.


Mentorship Culture: These regular interactions also fostered a mentoring environment, offering valuable professional development opportunities for project managers.


By leveraging our expertise, the client not only managed to put an effective business development strategy in place but also gained invaluable insights into how to advance their operations strategically.


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