Case Study—Organization of Marketing Processes

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After helping a Utah architectural firm organize its marketing materials and server, MARKETLINK worked with management, accounting, and marketing to create a process for tracking the status of project information for use in collateral development. The ultimate goal was to gather as much information as possible without involving technical staff members in an effort to alleviate their workload. MARKETLINK created a customized milestone datasheet to alert the marketing team of project activities that could trigger a marketing task. These included writing a project description, adding a project to team members’ resumes, obtaining “in progress” or final photos, updating construction cost details after the project bid, and many other critical path milestones.



By integrating the process with accounting, the marketing team now knows the most current status of projects so that updates to the firm database and collateral happen quickly and efficiently. The data also helps drive website and social media content. Firm leadership and technical staff appreciate that their resumes and project data sheets are seamlessly and regularly updated without requiring their assistance.

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