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Keep it in the Vault: 1Password

Apr 21 2022

When you just can't remember One. More. Password. 


A while back, I shared an app I'd fallen in love with. As AEC marketing professionals, we are tasked with creating and remembering passwords for all kinds of websites—from our social media accounts to the software we use and our lead tracking providers. Years ago, I was talking with my IT consultant about the challenge of creating and remembering unique combinations for each. He recommended 1Password, saying that it is virtually hack-proof. Their encryption is on par with NASA’s.


I took his recommendation, and still haven't stopped using 1Password. It automatically fills in logins and passwords across all my devices. For anyone who’s used a computer-based password keeper, it’s helpful to have one that works across all devices; I don’t have to look up passwords when I’m using my smartphone or tablet—there’s an app for that.


In addition to passwords, the program allows for storage of all kinds of private, personal information: retirement accounts, bank accounts, credit card information, rewards programs, et cetera. It's one of my favorite features and provides an easy solution for keeping miscellaneous but important information. I haven't had to scramble to find my TSA check number in ages. I have everything in it. 


1Password is still just as reliable and practical as it was when I first started using it, and I recommend 1Password just as frequently, with the same caveat: the technical support isn't reliable. The only contact option is email, and they respond in a day or two with an article from their help desk (which may or may not solve your problem). Fortunately, my IT consultant takes care of any issues I might have with the program.


1Password is an affordable, secure, cloud-based information storage system, with family and business accounts ranging from $3 and up per month.

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