Time to emulate some pack leaders—Leos! Between July 23rd and August 23rd, put your whole heart into your work and work relationships.
Famous AEC Leos


Richard Rogers, July 23 (1933-)
Recipient of the Pritzker Prize. Works include the Millennium Dome in London and Pompidou Center in Paris.

His firm was chosen to design Tower 2 of the new World Trade Center at Grand Zero


Henry Ford, July 30 (1863-1947)
Revolutionized the automobile industry.

Founded the Ford Motor Company. Played a major role in the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.


Shigeru Ban, August 5 (1957)
A Japanese architect known for his innovative work with paper, namely recycled cardboard tubes used to house disaster victims. Profiled by
Time Magazine as a 21st century innovator in the field of architecture and design.

Recipient of the Pritzker Prize.


Thomas Telford, August 9 (1757-1834)
Architect and engineer
The Godfather of civil engineer – dubbed the Colossus of Roads

His vision and creativity were the prime factors behind the architecture of bridges, road and canals of the 18th century. He introduced the concept of the suspension bridge.

Eero Saarinen, August 20 (1910-1961)
Best known for: Leading the avant garde architectural movement towards sweeping, arching and simple curves. He is also known for designing the Dulles Airport, the TWA Flight Center in New York City and the Gateway Arch. Close friends with Charles and Ray Eames.

Designed the Womb chair, Tulip or Pedestal group



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