Everyone needs a planner, and that’s where Capricorns come in. Hardworking and structurally minded, Capricorn determination will make any project not only go smoothly but go properly. They can be a tad ambitious at times, however, with lofty goals that take a lot of effort to reach. Capricorns, make sure your energy is well-spent, but don’t cut your aspirations down—you’re the ones who raise the bar.


Capricorn - December 22 to January 20


John Bradfield, December 26 (1867–1943)
Bradfield, an Australian engineer, spent most of his professional life devoted to the construction of bridges and underground railway systems in his home country. Bradfield founded the Sydney University Engineering Society in 1895, and for over a decade, he worked on designing and submitting proposals to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It took 8 years to finish and is his most outstanding accomplishment today.


Charles Ellet Jr., January 1 (1810–1862)
Another bridge specialist, Ellet was born and raised in Pennsylvania and was not only accomplished in engineering but was also an author and colonel, though the Civil War claimed his life prematurely. Within his work as an engineer, however, he built the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and worked continually on developments for river systems—from flooding control to drainage basins. He conducted the first-ever Federal survey of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers and wrote a slew of detailed books discussing his trade and other specialties, his accomplishments exceptionally broad.


James Strutt, January 8 (1924–2008)
Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Strutt became the youngest president in the Ontario Association of Architects' history and had a significant role in the development of modern architecture in Canada following World War II. A modernist, his designs include the Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Gatineau River Yacht Club. A foundation was founded in his name post-mortem that supports modern architectural projects across Canada.

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