All you industrious, goal-oriented Capricorns out there – you are perfectly aligned with the holiday season. Now through January 20th focus on family togetherness, revering (or creating!) traditions, and working to get what you want. You are also perfectly aligned with end-of-year goal setting: clarify what you want and come up with a plan to make it reality!


Capricorn – December 22 to January 20


WH Weeks, January 18 (1864-1936)


Weeks began his career working alongside his father as a designer and builder. After moving to California in 1894, Weeks found himself in San Francisco in 1906 when the earthquake hit. Known for his safe and practical designs, his business flourished as he designed replacements for buildings damaged by the quake and fires. A specialist in school design, he designed hundreds of buildings throughout California.

Weeks designed 22 Carnegie libraries throughout Northern and Central California. Eighteen of the libraries are still standing.


Ebenezer Howard, January 19 (1850-1928)

Urban Planner
Born in London, Howard emigrated to America in 1871 and became acquainted with Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson and began to ponder ways to improve the quality of life. By 1876 he had returned to England and worked as a stenographer in the House of Commons. He was exposed to ideas of social reform which helped inspire his ideas for the Garden City, a utopian city where people live harmoniously together with nature.

Letchwork Garden City and Welwyn Garden City incorporated humane design principles into planned communities with proportionate areas of housing, industry and agriculture. Walt Disney used elements of Howard’s concepts in the original design for EPCOT.


Ray Dolby, January 18 (1933-2013)

Audio Engineer
At a young age Dolby had a great interest in mechanics and electronics. While in high school, he worked part-time for an electronics company and contributed to the development of the first audio tape recorder. After graduating from Stanford with degree in electrical engineering, Dolby attended University of Cambridge and completed his Ph.D. in Physics.

He founded Dolby Laboratories in 1965 and the same year he invented a noise-reducing electronic filter called the Dolby Sound System. Dolby also invented improvements to multitrack recording practices and multichannel stereo sound (known as surround sound). These systems changed the experience of movie watchers the world over.



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