Tomorrow, the star sign Cancer takes charge. Until (at least) July 23rd, favor harmony and service in your work relationships. Cancer's loving and compassionate nature will steer you towards excellent collaboration.

Famous AEC Cancers

Antoni Gaudi, June 25 (1852 - 1926)
Best known for: The incomplete Sagrada Família in Barcelona; UNESCO named seven of his works World Heritage Sites between 1984 and 2005.


Joseph Eichler – June 25 (1900 – 1974)
Real estate developer
Best known for: Eichler Homes developed the California modern style of residential construction (tract homes).


Nikola Tesla – July 10 (1856 – 1943)
Inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer
Best known for: Alternating current (AC) and the induction motor.


Moshe Safdie – July 14 (1938 – )
Architect and Urban Designer
Best known for: Salt Lake City Main Library!!

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