The creation, organization, and maintenance of marketing materials can be a very labor-intensive task. However, by creating and consistently updating your materials, your response process will be streamlined. This will save you time and money in preparing RFP responses and follow-up materials. It will also allow you to spend more time on strategy related to each response. At the close of the year, make sure to take the time to update your marketing collateral.


  1. Update resumes for the year. Send each staff member their resume to update. Give a deadline.
  2. Update project pages for the year. Hold a virtual meeting and have technical staff pick three new project pages that need to be created, edited and/or updated. Consider scheduling a virtual brown bag session and allocating a budget for lunch purchases. Have the project team brainstorm content during this session.
  3. Update boilerplate content. Review all your boilerplate content and ensure you’ve captured any changes from the new information you’ve gathered.
  4. Update your project content database with all the new information you’ve gathered.
  5. BONUS: Delight in all that you have accomplished this year!
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