SMPS Pacific Regional Conference - The Wave
Las Vegas February 5-7, 2020

MARKETLINK Principal Stephanie Craft is a huge fan of the SMPS Pacific Regional Conference (PRC)! Since serving on the inaugural Conference’s committee in 2010, Stephanie has attended every conference since that time (except last year, when her granddaughter was born just before the conference).

Return on Investment

Stephanie feels the Conference provides a great return on investment for the dollars spent. “MARKETLINK gets good name recognition through sponsorship,” she explains, “and the sessions are very educational.” This year, there were several new speakers that she hadn’t heard from before.

Recession-Proof Your Marketing Department

She found one presentation in particular quite informative: Marketing at Low Tide: How to Recession Proof Your Marketing Department, presented by Allison Tivnon. “Tivnon discussed recessions and economic growth and how they impact our business and, in particular, staffing marketing departments before, during, and after those times,” says Stephanie. “She offered a lot of recommendations on how marketing staff can create more value for an organization and, therefore, ensure their longevity and contribution to a company through down times.” Because the next economic downturn is forecasted for 2021, this information was very timely for the attendees to consider. In addition, Stephanie appreciated Tivnon’s captivating and entertaining presentation style.

Reasons to Attend

One way for firms to gain value and longevity from their marketing and business development staff is by sending them to PRC for professional development. “Attendees network with people from firms in the geography they’re more likely to team with,” describes Stephanie. “For the cost of attending, it’s a great return on investment compared to other conferences.” Since the conference is held in the pacific region, it’s not far to travel, and the cost of attending is nominal compared to what other conferences charge for the same kind of information.


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