Feature articles are more in-depth than traditional news stories and go beyond providing the most important facts. The content provides a detailed description of a place, person, idea, or organization. The articles, which explore a subject at length, are not constrained by the tight deadlines of regular news articles.


  1. Benefits: Feature articles do not cost anything and can put your firm in the public eye. With some creativity of subject, feature articles are easy to get placed if you pitch a newsworthy story. This type of public relations establishes your firm/expert as an authority on the topic and is seen as impartial journalism because you have not paid for the space. Submitting a feature article can help you establish a relationship with an editor who will refer to you/your firm in the future.

  2. Tips and Tricks:

    1. Conduct a thorough analysis of any targeted publication

    2. Review media kit/submittal guidelines from each publication

    3. Provide newsworthy ideas

    4. Make sure your query letter/pitch letter is top quality

    5. Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!

    6. Inquire about reprints/reposts of your article (sometimes available for a small fee from the publication); send to existing, past, and potential clients

    7. Use as collateral material 

    8. Give a copy to a client that may be featured/project features in the article
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