PR Survival Kit: AEC Project-Related Promotion

May 09 2022

Marketing while being billable is an ultimate quest for any AEC firm.Project-related promotion is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal. Using an existing/in-progress project to promote your company’s name, logo, image, expertise, and team is an easy way to become known to the general public. Other examples of project-related promotion include merchandise with logo such as hard hats, safety vests, or jackets/clothing worn by employees on project sites. Other ideas for promotion include grand opening ceremonies, groundbreakings, topping off, etc.




This type of public relations is an example of subliminal advertising and can reinforce your firm’s name and image. With each newsworthy opportunity for each project comes an opportunity to capitalize on project promotion. Events/milestones already planned can be promoted and will further cement your relationship and dedication to a client or project.



Tips and Tricks

  1. Install job signs on project sites. Include all team member firms and share the cost.
  2. Submit project milestone press releases.
  3. Negotiate participation in client-organized public relation events. Offer to assist with expenses.
  4. Create a project memento.
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