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When AEC clients and staff see Kareen’s events come together, she seems like a superhero. Although she doesn’t have a specific routine that sets her apart from other event planners, her unique set of creative skills work well in her field. “I think I’m the party version of Wolverine,” she laughs.


Kareen is equal parts exhilarated and exhausted by her work. She has always challenged herself and her staff to make each company get-together or industry conference better than the last. “It motivates us to continue hosting events that our industry wouldn’t want to miss,” she notes, “And that is always the goal.”


EventPlanningSpecialist31971: Kareen’s very first event was a toddler pool party. Even at two years old, she had a knack for themed get-togethers. (I mean, the bikini says it all, right?)  2016: The last event Kareen planned while working for Jacobsen Construction. It was a blast... but very bittersweet. Better props. Actual clothing. Same hair.


Her advice to the future party planners of the world is to bring people with the right skills together to make the event a rousing success. “Recruit a small task force of people to help you do the heavy lifting and ditch the committee full of random people who may not mesh,” she says. “Get everyone in the company involved with pre-event activities like office emails, quizzes, prizes, and whatever else to generate extra excitement. You really can’t pull off a party without everyone coming together.”


Kareen’s favorite part is watching it all harmonize--connecting the event to a theme, crafting the perfect message, and then delivering subtle nods back to the theme wherever she can. “I love standing in the middle of the event and watching everyone enjoy one another and the event we created,” she beams.


Accommodating, indeed.

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