Three Reasons LinkedIn Should Be Your Top Choice for AEC Social Media

Jun 15 2022

It's likely you have an online presence—perhaps on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. So why create (and use!) a LinkedIn account? As an AEC professional, being on LinkedIn is a must. For starters, it builds credibility and can help you create and maintain connections—by now, you know that credibility and connections are crucial for Search Engine Optimization. The more legitimized a firm is by the people, sites, and content it links itself to, the more likely it is to crop up in a relevant search. By utilizing LinkedIn pages, you are boosting your firm and yourself simultaneously.

1. Increase Your Credibility

People, companies, and organizations can all be found on LinkedIn, and it is the platform most used to verify employment credentials. This is where clients, colleagues, and peers will check to learn more about you. Build your credibility by having a complete profile, including a professional image. Tailor your page by including interests relevant to your skills and industry in order to strategically build relationships. By having a verified, credible profile, you'll increase the legitimacy of your firm—and yourself by association—so the more professional the better.

2. Build Your Network

LinkedIn creates ties with people you would connect with in real life: people you work with or would like to work with. Start by adding coworkers, then move on to clients, consultants, and contractors to build your followers. To personalize the connection, include a custom note when asking someone to connect. Ideally, add key contacts within 24 hours of meeting them, and accept relevant invitations.

Target and follow company pages to keep up to date on clients, consultants, and organizations. This will ensure you receive their posted updates in your news feed.

Joining groups and discussions that are relevant to your industry is another way to expand these connections (as well as build credibility). A strong LinkedIn network will strengthen the firm's network as well (and yet again vice versa).

3. Grow Your BRAND Audience

Be a brand ambassador for your firm by sharing your company’s posts. This significantly widens your firm’s audience, builds their brand, assists in SEO, and showcases your culture, all of which are very helpful when trying to attract quality clients and employees. By sharing company posts that link through to your firm’s website, you will help drive targeted traffic to the website.

LinkedIn is the only mainstream social media network specifically for professionals. This powerful platform also helps you find people and resources--giving both professionals and their companies a competitive advantage that other social media outlets might not offer.


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