When you just can't remember One. More. Password. 


A few years ago, I was talking with my IT consultant about passwords and the challenge of creating – and then remembering!! – unique combinations for each website I need to log in to. He recommended 1Password, saying that it is basically hack-proof, their encryption is on par with NASA’s.


I took his recommendation and I’ve been using 1Password ever since. It automatically fills in logins and passwords across all my devices. For anyone who’s used a computer-based password keeper, it’s helpful to have one that works across all devices; I don’t have to look up passwords when I’m using my smartphone or tablet – there’s an app for that.


In addition to passwords, the program allows for storage of all kinds of very private, personal information: retirement accounts, bank accounts, credit card information, rewards programs, etc. There are probably a dozen categories to select from.


I recommend 1Password frequently, with a caveat: the technical support is terrible. Your only option for contact is email, and they respond in a day or two with an article from their help desk (which may or may not solve your problem). Fortunately, my IT consultant takes care of any issues I might have with the program.


1Password is an affordable, secure, cloud-based information storage system, with family and business accounts ranging from $3 and up per month.

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