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The secret to staying on top of the many marketing activities that keep an AEC firm successful is making it manageable. Here at MARKETLINK, we like to break marketing categories down by month, and then create bite-size chunks in the form of weekly activities.


Here are four weekly activities for each of 12 different AEC marketing categories, plus a bonus activity! Watch for more details monthly in our newsletter or weekly on social media.


January - Client Relations

Client relations activities are meant to further enhance your relationships with existing clients.

  1. Create a list of top clients. 
  2. Create a list of client questions. 
  3. Schedule a client perception survey. 
  4. Create a follow-up process. 
  5. BONUS: Take stock of your firm's culture of client service. 


February - Public Relations

A focused public relations effort can help your firm maintain contact with your audience by providing continuous name and brand recognition in between your face-to-face activities.

  1. Create a master media list. 
  2. Create a list of all client-oriented associations.
  3. Research awards programs.
  4. Create a public relations calendar. 
  5. BONUS: Schedule an appointment with 1-2 key editors.


March - Social Media and Website

Social media and your website are two of the first impressions clients may receive of your firm. Do they have the impact you desire?

  1. Create a list of keywords. 
  2. Incorporate keywords into your content creation plan.
  3. Hold a planning session. 
  4. Create graphic standards. 
  5. BONUS: Run Google Analytics reports. 


April – Proposals, Presentations, and Interviews

From kick-off meeting to shortlist interview, winning proposals demand a specific, individual strategy.

  1. Review proposals at client agencies.
  2. Hold an internal proposal review session.
  3. Create infographics for proposal sections. 
  4. Video an upcoming presentation rehearsal.
  5. BONUS: Brainstorm a list of typical questions.


May - Training and Coaching

Successful firms invest in their staff by providing training in a variety of topics to build a strong marketing mentality.

  1. Gather a list of training topics.
  2. Plan a mentoring program.
  3. Create a calendar of monthly training topics.
  4. Develop a marketing training resource library. 
  5. BONUS: Implement a “Marketing University.”


June - Graphic Design, Branding, and Collateral Development

Effective marketing materials will communicate your firm's strengths and advantages, giving support to your technical staff when meeting with clients and in developing capture strategies.

  1. Hold a “pull-apart party.”
  2. Update all resumes. 
  3. Update project pages. 
  4. Create a list of photography needs.
  5. BONUS: Add a “benefit to client” statement.


July - Candidate Placement and Marketing Department Organization

A successful marketing department requires qualified professionals who fit your company culture and organization of all materials.

  1. Update/evaluate marketing department standardized processes. 
  2. Start holding market sector meetings.
  3. Review your proposal production process. 
  4. Edit and update the marketing contact list. 
  5. BONUS: Get corporate headshot photos.


August - Business Development

Business Development allows you to explore different avenues for growth that align with your firm’s goals and long-term plans.

  1. Review your top target client list.
  2. Fill out the Harvey Mackay 66.
  3. Develop a master list of information-gathering questions.
  4. Devise a 12-contact plan
  5. BONUS: Hold a “cold call” brown-bag luncheon.


September - Market Research

Market research will guide you in determining where you can market most effectively and efficiently. You can set your sites on the right geographies, client types and market sectors that will add to your bottom line.

  1. Gather contact information for top 5 target agencies.
  2. Create a list of information gathering questions.
  3. Contact these entities. 
  4. Compile the results.
  5. BONUS: Obtain all CIPs.


October - Strategic Planning

Create a long-term plan that achieves goals efficiently and effectively.

  1. Schedule a Strategic Planning session.
  2. Gather data.
  3. Compile a report.
  4. Gather YTD revenue information.
  5.  BONUS: Gather three years of revenue information.


November – Budgeting

  1. Establish an updated marketing budget.
  2. Develop a preliminary line-item budget.
  3. Distribute your budget to the entire team.
  4. Receive regular budget reports.
  5. BONUS: Adjust your budget throughout the year.


December – Loose Ends

  1. Update resumes.
  2. Update project pages.
  3. Revise boilerplate content. 
  4. Update your project content database.
  5. BONUS: Delight in all that you have accomplished this year!
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