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2020 AEC Marketing Challenge: Strategic Planning

Oct 02 2020

All Fortune 500 companies create and implement a detailed marketing strategy. Those marketing strategies are not solely composed of ideas that were generated through discussions around the conference room table. Their strategies are created through gathering multitudes of information.


A common mistake that many design and construction firms make is creating a marketing strategy around what they have provided or offered to clients in the past instead of examining what the opportunities are in the future. In 2020, a new outlook has never been so important. 

Here are five tasks that you can perform once per week during October. This will help you create a long-term plan that achieves goals efficiently and effectively.


  1. Schedule a strategic planning session for November/December with key staff members.
  2. Gather results of market research, business development, public relations, and client relations activities conducted throughout the year.
  3. Compile a report of findings to share at the planning session.
  4. Gather revenue information from the accounting department on the percentage of revenue generated for the year to date in each market sector.
  5.  BONUS: Take it a step further! Gather revenue information on the percentage of revenue generated for the last three years in each market sector.


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